LONG TERM MANAGEMENT is a company that prides itself on managing family assets. Our aim is to secure the financial stability of future generations, as well as that of the founders. Our activity is focused on both day-to-day operations as well as on long-term care for either a Family’s entire or selected assets. This process provides long-term security for the Family’s wealth.

At Long Term Management, we take care of family assets

LONG TERM MANAGEMENT’s strategic goal is to create professional family wealth management structures, which would allow the separation of ownership functions and management to be significantly easier. This strategy makes it possible to ensure the secure succession of wealth. In addition, the younger generation’s obligation to take over management of the family’s assets can be avoided.

Our proprietary solution is based on creating a tailored, legal structure for each individual Family, i.e. the Family Fund. The fund is designed in such a way that the Family assets can be accumulated in their entirety, and succession within the Family can be formally structured. Additionally, the Family Fund may be co-managed by LONG TERM MANAGEMENT (Family Office), which will provide the family members with a lifetime security.