We are a company that prides itself in managing family assets. Our main aim is to secure the financial stability of future generations, as well as those of the founders. Our mission is that our work will allow us to become the leading Family Office in Poland. We aim to build a safe, long-term future for all the families in our care. Our company is based on four pillars:


The Family fund is designed to function as an investor in key assets that are owned by the Family and to provide sustainable development without excessive risk.


The Family’s assets provide a predictable income (dividends) that covers all current financial needs.


LTM assume responsibility for managing the Family’ assets. By applying a mutually agreed strategy for the Family Fund, it ensures the realization of long-term goals, stability, and diversification of assets.

People and their successors

An experienced and trusted management team, which utilizes knowledge gained from many areas, is the key to success ,and ensures continuity of strategy and the successful management of family assets.