Fund Management

Our fund management program is a strategic form of supervision for a Family Fund or a Family’s selected assets. This is performed with respect to both an individually adopted strategy and our investment policy concerning surpluses that remain after paying an agreed dividend to the Family.

Strategic supervision / Management

Support in the area of operational and strategic aspects in line with the standards of the private equity fund for companies owned by the Family.

Family-owned companies are usually managed by member of the family. This may mean that selling the company or acquiring a capital partner could be very challenging. LONG TERM MANAGEMENT can either offer strategic management support or completely manage assets by signing a seperate contract that would function on similar lines to an investment fund Limited Partnership Agreement. The strategic goal for all companies in a Family Fund should be regular payments of dividends and sustainable value capture.

Capital investments in privately-held companies

In order to diversify a Family Fund’s assets, capital surpluses should be invested into new projects. Based on the long-term investment policy adopted in the Family Constitution, the Family Fund is able to participate in capital investments as an exclusive investor or as one of a number of co-investors (Deal Club). These investments should be long-term and indefinite (endowment characteristics) while the resulting benefits from them should be based on regular dividends.

Money management

The foundation of security for the Family is to maintain a proportion of liquid assets. LONG TERM MANAGEMENT will prepare an investment strategy that will guarantee the safe allocation of assets that will include cooperation with Swiss banks.